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Peterson Specialty Gas Log Sets

Peterson knows that not all customers have the exact same fireplace and/or the exact same preferences. Because of this, they make several log sets with unique characteristics for the customer that might need something special.

Split Personality

Split Oak Gas Logs Split Oak Gas Logs Real Fyre Split Personality gas logs offer the versatility of using the original log stack or reversing each log within the set for a totally different look.

The Peterson styles that feature Split Personality include Rugged Split Oak and Charred Rugged Split Oak

Shallow Depth

If you have a fireplace that is not as deep as a standard sized fireplace, you need a gas log set that will fit perfectly. Peterson delivers with two styles that are only 9 1/2" deep. The Golden Oak Designer Plus in 12", 16" and 19" widths and the Charred Oak in the 16" width are the log sets you want to choose from. Note: These log sets are only available with the G46 burner.

Low Set Height

If you have a smaller fireplace and need a set with a little less height than normal, Peterson makes two styles just for you. The "low set" versions of the Golden Oak Designer and Split Oak log sets (only available with the G46 burner) feature smaller top logs than the regular size sets, making the entire set not stack up as high. You can imagine with the smaller top logs, the overall height of your log set can be reduced by a few inches.

Example: The 18" Golden Oak Designer Plus set features four top logs measuring 15",12", 9" and 9". However the top logs of the 18" Golden Oak Designer (Low Set) set measure 10",10",8" and 8".

NOTE - Because there is no "set" way to stack your logs, it is impossible to give exact dimensions of log set heights.


Peterson Gas Logs When you are putting a gas log set in a bedroom or maybe just a smaller room, you may not want a bunch of heat. Luckily, Peterson has an answer for you. The Valley Oak Vent Free log set is available with a burner that only produces 9,500 BTU, perfect for a bedroom. The Valley Oak is also available with a 20,000 BTU burner in case you would prefer a little more heat but don't need the 30,000 plus BTU of other log sets.

The Largest Most Detailed Log Set Available

Peterson Gas Logs The Mammoth Pine Gas Log Set is available in sizes 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches! This series is great for hotels! Mammoth Pine is available in natural gas or propane gas and offered as a see-thru model also. On/Off Remote or manual ignition is also available. Mammoth Pine logs come with a special mammoth style gas burner.