• Refractory Ceramic Blend

    Refractory Ceramic Blend

    Gas log sets made using refractory ceramic blends tend to be higher quality and more detailed than gas logs made of other materials. They are more durable and provide a more realistic look. This is because the material can hold finer details, such as variations in wood bark and grooves in the split of wood.

    Some brands that have gas log sets made of refractory ceramics are Alpine Flame, Peterson Real Fyre, and Rasmussen.

  • hand-painted gas logs

    Hand-Painted Details Make a Difference

    High-end brands use latex molds of actual logs, giving a natural look that captures every detail of real logs. The details pop when the logs are hand painted with care and precision. Multiple layers of heat resistant paint and stain enhance their dimension and gives the bark lifelike texture.

    A great set of gas logs should make you do a double take. If you feel drawn to touch them to be sure they aren’t the real thing, then you may have found your new gas log set.

  • Realistic Gas Log Set

    Gas Logs That Look Good Year-Round

    Consider how the gas log set looks both when lit as well as when it’s off and get one that looks great both ways. Your gas log set will be off more often than it will be on so it’s important you like how they look either way. Choosing a set that compliments your fireplace, home, and décor will enhance the ambiance of your space.

    Another good tip to choosing a set that will look realistic is to choose a wood type that is commonly found in your area. It will enhance the realism if they mimic the look of local kindling.

  • Reinforced with steel rods

    Gas Logs with Structural Integrity

    Gas logs that are reinforced with steel bars, rods or pins make them less likely to chip and reduce the risk of breaking. Great structural integrity will keep your logs looking new for years to come.

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