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Electric Fireplace Flame Style Guide

Depending on the look you want to achieve with your electric fireplace, there are a few options for flame style. We've outlined the most popular styles so you can make the best choice for your decor!

Traditional Log Flames

If you are looking for the convenience and ease of an electric fireplace but still crave the traditional log flames, this style will work best for you. Get the classic, traditional fireplace visual without any of the hassle of chopping wood or soot. Many of the electric log sets are modeled after real wood logs, creating truly realistic fires that may even fool you. Shop traditional electric fireplaces to find the perfect electric log set for your room.

Contemporary Fire Glass Flames

Go for a bold, modern décor with fire glass. While electric log sets give a traditional appearance, fire glass helps your fireplace make a design statement. Some electric fireplace brands such as Amantii include multiple colors of fire glass with your fireplace, and the glass screen is completely removable. This allows you to truly customize the fire’s appearance for each use. Other brands such as Modern Flames feature crystal glass and large accent crystals for a more unique look.

Changing Flame Color

If you're looking to really make a statement, an electric fireplace with the ability to change the flame color is a must-have for you. Depending on your room decor, the season, or even your mood, you can change the flame color with just a press of a button. Ranging from blues to yellows to multi-color flames, there is definitely a color (or two) for everyone. One thing's for sure: your electric fireplace will never be boring with one of these fireplaces in your home.

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