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A fire pit brings a glow to your patio or dining area and can extend your outdoor living season by months; in some regions it can give you an entire year of uninterrupted enjoyment.

Gas fire pits are the ultimate in convenience, comfort and perfect for entertaining. It’s the best way to heat your outdoor living space and guests will love gathering around the fire without smelling like smoke. Patio gas fire pits are some of our favorites because they are easy to use, safe, clean burning, and there is no clean up required. Gas fire pits also produce a steady, satisfying flame comparable to a wood burning fire pit without the effort of collecting wood and starting a fire. So you receive the same amount of heat and flame aesthetics for less than half the effort. Gas Fire Pits are even safe to used when a wood burning ban is in place in your area.

Wood Burning Fire Pits are the closest thing to a real campfire you can get. To an outdoor enthusiast, there is no substitute for the smoky aroma and crackle of a wood fire. Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pits are capable of producing a larger, hotter fire than most gas fire pits. Outdoor Wood Fire Pits are budget friendly, easy to install, and simple to operate. Wood Burning Fire Pits are even available in many different finishes, sizes and uses. has Fire Pits available in many different styles including: Fire Pit Tables, Fire Bowls, Fire Urns, Fire Columns, and even Fire & Water Features.