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Electric Fireplace Learning Center

Electric Fireplace Resources

  • Electric Fireplace Expert Reviews

    Electric Fireplace Expert Reviews

    Electric fireplaces come in many different styles and sizes, and it may be difficult to pinpoint which is the best. We've done the research and have compiled some of the most important things to consider when shopping for an electric fireplace.

  • Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

    Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

    Electric fireplaces are one of the most popular interior design choices. They're efficient and easy to install, making them ideal for many applications. Most electric fireplaces can be used with or without the heat turned on, so they can be enjoyed year long.

  • Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center Buying Guide

    Entertainment Center Buying Guide

    One of the most popular home décor options, electric fireplace entertainment centers come in a variety of styles that will fit seamlessly into your home. In addition to providing storage, these entertainment centers also heat your room.

  • Electric Fireplace Styles & Materials

    Electric Fireplace Styles & Materials

    Providing heat, ambiance, and style, electric fireplaces are truly functional décor pieces. Discover the styles and materials in electric fireplaces that will complement any space, from traditional logs to contemporary white entertainment centers.

  • Wall Mount Fireplace Installation

    Wall Mount Fireplace Installation

    There are a few options when it comes to wall mounting, but all of them will give your room that modern update you’ve been looking for. Whether you're hanging your wall mount electric fireplace or recessing it into the wall, our experts will guide you through the process.

  • Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Comparison Chart

    Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Comparison

    Whether you know a wall mount electric fireplace is exactly what your room needs, or you're trying to decide if this is the right decor choice for you, our chart breaks down the features you will want to consider.

  • Electric Fireplace FAQ

    Electric Fireplace FAQ

    We know you have questions and need answers to help you choose the right electric fireplace for your home, so we've compiled the most common questions (and answered them!) regarding electric fireplaces to help you out.

  • How to Clean Your Electric Fireplace

    How to Clean Your Electric Fireplace

    Luckily for you, electric fireplace maintenance is extremely easy! In addition to being a decorative piece in your home and heating your space in an energy-efficient manner, electric fireplaces require minimal cleaning.

Best of the Best Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Inspiration

  • The 5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces

    The 5 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces

    These electric fireplaces truly stand out in realistic appearance. From lighting, features, and special effects, these electric fireplaces add an extremely realistic fireplace appearance to your home.

  • Electric Fireplace Inspiration Gallery

    Electric Fireplace Inspiration Gallery

    Browse our photo gallery to get inspired on how to incorporate an electric fireplace into your home. From wall mounts to built-ins, electric fireplace mantels and media consoles, there are plenty of options when considering which type of electric fireplace is right for you.

  • Electric Fireplaces for Every Room

    Electric Fireplaces for Every Room

    Electric fireplaces are easy to install, require little maintenance, and can fit in just about any room in your house. Make a beautiful statement with a heat source that's also a decor piece.

  • Electric Fireplace Flame Style Guide

    Electric Fireplace Flame Style Guide

    Choose the best flame style for your home decor! Browse our guide on electric fireplace flame styles to find the right look for your home.

  • White Electric Fireplaces to Love

    White Electric Fireplaces to Love

    Give your room a pop of brightness, or complete the all white design in your room. Whichever look you're going for, a white electric fireplace completes any room's decor.

  • Mobile Home Electric Fireplaces

    Mobile Home Electric Fireplaces

    You don’t have to give up efficiently heating your home while cozying up to a beautiful fire in your RV or mobile home! No sacrifices are required to use these fireplaces, which provide both warmth and décor for your space.

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