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Free Decor Kit with Real Fyre Gas Log Sets - Shop Now!

Peterson Real-Fyre Learning Center

Learn more about Peterson Real-Fyre gas long and accessories here. Peterson takes pride in accommodating you with the best in quality fireplace and gas log products.

For over 50 years, Peterson Real-Fyre Gas Logs have provided a natural wood-like fire with maximum ease, efficiency and economy.

Peterson Real-Fyre vented gas logs are available in many different series. Each is a beauty in its own way and with so many choices, it may be hard to narrow your selection down to just one set. To help choose the best set for your home, it may be helpful to understand the differences between their three series of vented gas logs - Classic, Designer and Charred.

Anyone looking to purchase Peterson Real-Fyre gas logs might want to consider burner comparison and what type of burner would fit their needs. Peterson Real-Fyre offers different styles and types to cater to a variety of choices.

Peterson gas log set sizes are based on the approximate length of the front log (or combined length of two-piece front logs) of the set. Heights of the log sets vary based on the multiple ways of stacking the top logs.

Real-Fyre Remote Control Systems are designed to provide the ultimate in convenient and reliable lighting of Peterson gas log sets. All Peterson control systems use valves certified to ANSI Standards.

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